Are You Looking for Best Baby Monitor for Your Precious One?

After months of waiting and anticipation, your little bundle of joy has finally arrived. As much as you’d like to spend every moment by his or her side, you know that it’s simply not going to happen. Baby monitors have become invaluable to parents because they allow them to be in another room and still hear if the baby is awake or in need of something.

As is the case with most parents, you’re going to want to have the best baby monitor you can get. Whether you check out baby monitor reviews or check in stores, you definitely want to be diligent about finding the best baby monitor you can. You’ll soon discover that sellers are usually going to advertise that they carry the best baby monitors. So, the best thing you can do is do your own research and find the one that best meets your needs, both financially and otherwise.

To assist you in your quest of the best baby monitor, we’ve compiled an informative buying guide that includes some baby monitors reviews as well as tips on what to look for when shopping for a baby monitor.

Best Baby Monitor Comparison

Overall Score4 stars4 stars4 stars
Quality Standards
Sound And/Or Video Quality And Clarity4.5 stars3.5 stars4 stars
Low Size And Weight3.5 stars5 stars3.5 stars
Number Of Receivers And Transmitters3 stars3 stars3 stars
Range4.5 stars4 stars5 stars
Additional Features (i.e. Low-Battery Indicator, Sound-Activated Lights, Rechargeable Battery, Two-Way Audio, etc.)4.5 stars5 stars3.5 stars
1-Years Warranty
1-Years Warranty
1-Years Warranty
% Discount
8% OFF
42% OFF
25% OFF
More Info
Read Review
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How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor

As stated above, finding the best baby monitor involves more than just one that’s cheap or one that has special features that, in reality, you’ll seldom use. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when shopping for a baby monitor. Your baby is the most precious and treasured thing in the world and you want a baby monitor that will help you provide the best possible care for your baby in the rare times that he or she is out of your sight.

Some things you may consider include price, brand, quality and reputation of the company selling the product. In an effort to make this buying guide even simpler to use, you’ll find a list of what to look for in a baby monitor so you can make the best possible choice for you and your baby.

Price – With economy as it is, we’re always looking for the best bang for our buck, regardless of what we buy. This includes baby monitors. Even if you want to buy the best baby monitor on the market, you can still look for one that’s offered at the best price. Don’t be afraid to comparison shop. Many stores, both online and onsite, offer price match, which means that they’ll match their competitors’ prices if the models are the same. Don’t be afraid to utilize this convenient feature. Baby monitors range in price from under $40 to hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind that one of the top three best selling baby monitor was in the lowest price range.

Technology – Recent technological advances have brought us many conveniences, with wireless technology at the top of the list. The majority of wireless devices use signals that are carried over public airwaves. Many of these devices, including baby monitors, share the same radio frequency band. For maximum efficiency and security, make sure to look for one that uses DECT. You may also want one that operates on a different frequency band than what is used for other wireless products in your house.

Type of Baby Monitor – Baby monitors may be either analog or digital. Analog monitors send the sound from the nursery directly to where the receiver is located. The sound that’s being made in the nursery is the sound you’ll hear through the receiver. Digital baby monitors encrypt the sound so that it can only be heard by you through the receiver. Any others who may be on the same radio frequency band will only hear an unrecognizable sound.

Features – Baby monitors come with many features such as sound, videos, bells, whistles, vibration and even high-definition monitors. Some audio/digital baby monitors can also utilize your wireless network. To have the best baby monitor does not necessarily mean you have to have all these extra features. Decide what features you actually need and which ones you actually want.

Brand – To many people, brand name is still very important. In addition to checking out baby monitors reviews, it’s equally as important to check out certain companies to see how they honor their warranties and what type of customer service they offer if a problem should arise. You may also want to check out the company on the Better Business Bureau website.

Reviews – While on the subject of baby monitor reviews, who can give you a better or more honest review than a friend or family member who has used a product. Speak with them and get their feedback on the various products they may have used or heard about.

Reviews of Best Baby Monitors

With so many baby monitors on the market, finding the best baby monitor is going to be very difficult, especially if you have minimal experience with and knowledge of baby monitors. To give you an idea of what to look for in terms of features and quality, we’re providing you with some reviews of three top selling baby monitors so you can decide for yourself which is the best baby monitor.

Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor – 2.4 Ghz

71wp-jr8ull._sl1500_Made by Foscam Digital Technology LLC, the Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor ranked as one of the best baby monitors and the top selling model. Its various features make it a very high-tech piece of baby equipment. This particular wireless baby monitor sells for about $150. While not the cheapest on the market, it definitely gives you a lot for your dollar.



Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

0085877900236_500X500If you look on the Infant Optics website, you’ll see they describe this baby monitor as “simple and affordable”, and this definitely describes this baby monitor perfectly. While it may be simple in terms of operation, it’s not simple in terms of features because there are many features that make this one of the best baby monitors and a great seller as well.



VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

Consistent with most of VTech’s products, the VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is a high-tech yet very affordable baby monitor. Despite its low price, many customers ranked this as the best baby monitor for its value, quality and performance. This model has an excellent reception regardless of where you are within the range.